About Brilley Co.

We design and build homes for people of all ages, abilities and needs to live well and thrive.

AHB Group developed Brilley Co. from an identified need to combine specialist interdisciplinary knowledge into housing solutions to meet the diverse needs of our community. Brilley is part of the AHB Group that delivers 2000 homes across Victoria each year and ranked in Australia’s top 10 largest builders.

Brilley provides homes that exceed current minimum building standards to deliver inclusive designed, flexible, future resilient housing.

To achieve this, we combine commercial advantages of the conventional volume builder design & construct model with specialist knowledge from our Advisory Collective of interdisciplinary professionals across the design, health, energy efficiency, finance, property and building sector.

We actively incorporate multi discipline specialist knowledge applicable to the end to end client housing experience which provides us with the insights to design and build homes with an “informed” human centric approach.

Our homes have been designed to combine beautiful aesthetics with practical functionality and integrated commercial value. 

Brilley facilitates a design, documentation and turn key build service.


Who do we work with?

We work with a range of clients, business to business and direct with families.

Working with;

  • Housing Associations & Providers
  • Specialist Disability Investors
  • Social Impact Investors
  • Institutional Investment
  • Not for profits
  • Joint venture partners seeking diverse quality, affordable housing solutions
  • Families seeking an inclusive home solution
  • Private investors seeking a diverse property asset

We aim to provide homes for individuals and families that have an enduring positive impact on quality of life - emotional, cognitive, physical & financial, all of which impact community.