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Asset Protection

Building a new home provides the opportunity to integrate attributes (structural and non structural) that will enhance your asset flexibility and profitability.

The resilience of a home is defined by design and specifications - the scope of preparedness for the expected and unexpected.

The Six Pillar values of Brilley considers the end to end client housing experience and provides product opportunities for clients to choose the level of amenity, asset diversity and asset protection suited to project needs.

Brilley Co. home designs are designed beyond current design standard. We design resilient homes that are;

  • Suitable for diverse family needs
  • Suitable for family changing needs
  • Suitable to support life’s unexpected events
  • Designed to minimise costly retro fits
  • Suitable for diverse cohorts of prospective tenants
  • Suitable for long term tenure as life evolves
  • Strategically focused on reducing asset costs & maintenance liability

“An adaptable house accommodates lifestyle changes without the need to demolish or substantially modify the existing structure and services.”